iSportsNational allows athletes, team managers, team staff, fans and friends from the entire world to seamlessly interact with one another.


Create and manage your team
  • Create your sports team in a minute.
  • Invite others to join the team.
  • Manage the team roster.
  • Send notifications.
  • Add and share documents and forms.
  • Create blog posts (latest news).
  • Publish the team roster, latest news, scheduler and other team information on the public team web page.
Create and manage groups
  • Create classified groups.
  • Manage the group visibility (public or private).
  • Manage the join requests.
  • Communicate with group members through the internal messaging system and newsfeed.
  • Search other groups and send join requests.
Create and manage sporting events
  • Create single or recurring events.
  • Publish the events on the public web pages.
  • Share the events with others.
  • Allow other people to attend the events.
  • Show the list of today's events, upcoming events and past events. For a better visibility the events are displayed in list mode and calendar mode.
Manage your messages
  • Manage the sent and received messages with our internal messaging system. You'll never miss an important message because our messaging system stores the messages into a local database. Messages are not sent to other email servers which could apply certain filters (anti spam) that could delay or even cancel sending messages.
  • Sending messages to one or more people, or sending messages to an entire group of people.
  • Flagging messages depending on their importance.
  • Flagging messages that have been read.
  • Moving messages from "Inbox" to "Trash" or deleting them.
  • We are social. Add posts, photos, videos or links to other websites and publish them on newsfeed.
  • Share the important moments of your life, or your sporting experiences with friends, team members or group members.
  • Mark with "Like" the favorite posts, rebroadcast in your network or add comments.
  • Set the visibility of posting.
  • Follow other people or manage your followers.
Photo gallery
  • Create and manage your photo albums.
  • Add photos to album.
  • Edit photos from album.
  • Manage your cover photos.
  • Publish your albums on personal web page.
Player resume
  • Create your sporting resume.
  • Manage your player journal.
  • Publish your sporting resume on your web page.
  • Apply your resume to a certain scout or recruiter.
For Scouts or Recruiters
  • Search for prospects.
  • Follow prospects activity.
  • Access to prospects resume.
  • Access to prospects statistics.
Privacy control
  • Set the visibility of posts from newsfeed.
  • Manage the privacy of personal data.
  • Manage the list of friends and groups membership.
  • The possibility of choosing what will share and not in personal page.
Parental control
  • Parents of minor players can access children's accounts, following their activity continuously.
  • Parents can create sub-accounts for their children, using the same email address.
  • Parents can watch children's events calendar, posts and messages sent or received by them.
  • Parents can restrict children's access to their accounts.